in a Fiat


Three friends, Brett Melancon (and son Blake) and Larry Smith, embark on the ultimate
road trip – a 10 day, 2,500-mile trek from Chicago to Los Angeles on historic Route 66, the legendary “Mother Road,” following the 85% of the original path still intact. Every effort will be made to seek out unusual roadside attractions and engage with the local populace. The chosen means of transportation for this epic journey is a 1999 Fiat Multipla (Ugly Duck), imported to the U.S. from Ireland by friend, Jim Magill.  This unusual car will return east and end up at the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, TN.  There are no spare parts for this car in the United States so this makes for a very interesting journey.


October 13, 2010:

It has been a year since we made out Route 66 trip in the Multipla.  A lot has happened, much has stayed the same.  I still hear the call of the open road. 
Our plan is to do a cross country road trip again in a Jeep.  I am getting excited already thinking about it.  Stay tuned and feel free to say hi.

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Special thanks to the folks at Auto Ricambi LLC for helping out with our trip.